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A group of Cleveland Cavaliers players - including LeBron James - will not stay at the Trump SoHo hotel on the team's upcoming road trip to New York City, ESPN reported.

The team reportedly has a contract to stay at the Trump-licensed hotel, but the anti-Trump contingent has been excused and will make alternate accommodations. 

The defending champions are getting set to travel to the Big Apple to play the Knicks on Wednesday night. 

James, the four-time Most Valuable Player, endorsed Hillary Clinton last month, appearing at a rally with teammate J.R. Smith just days before the election. 

"This woman right here has the brightest future for our world," he told the crowd. 

Clinton, however, was defeated in Ohio by nine points.

James' teammate, Iman Shumpert, said in a recent interview that if the Cavs win another title this year, he will not go to the Trump White House.

Cavs forward Richard Jefferson wrote on Snapchat that the Cavs would be the "last team to visit the White House" following Trump's victory. 

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