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Comedian Joy Behar took aim at what she called President-elect Donald Trump's "mental illness" during a discussion on "The View."

During a segment on how much change Trump could effect in his at least four years in office, host Whoopi Goldberg said he will be bringing something to the White House not seen in a long time.

"Mental illness," Behar interjected, "This isn't that I disagree with [his platform], he's not right in the head."

Behar implored her co-hosts to understand "how much damage" Trump could do in four years, and called former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-Mass.) her "hero" for highlighting Trump's shortcomings during the campaign.

She said that, contrary to when President and Mrs. Obama were on "The View," Trump has "never appeared stable" when he has been on the program.

The panel was responding to remarks by frequent Trump critic Jon Stewart, who said the populace should remain calm about the New York businessman, as Obama had been unable to carry out all of his agenda during his term.

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