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Following President-elect Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton, many celebrities are having trouble coming to terms with the election result.

Actress Sally Field said she joined Twitter to "make sense" of why people voted for Trump, while Madonna said he won because "women betrayed us."

On "Fox & Friends" today, actor Dean Cain said he supports celebrities getting involved in politics, but he also thinks it's important to be informed and not to vilify the other side.

"It can come back to bite you," Cain said. "When you want to have a cogent argument, that's fine. That's one thing. But a lot of these folks are out there shouting down opponents and talking down to other people. And that very much can backfire."

He added that he agrees with Mark Wahlberg's comments that celebrities should avoid discussing politics in the first place.

"I think Hollywood has kind of always sort of been irrelevant when it comes to endorsing political candidates," Cain said. "One thing you cannot do is tell people how they should vote. Put your big boy pants on and say, 'Here's what I believe and here's why.'"

"And when the rest of the country or half of the country doesn't agree, you need to take that on the chin, and maybe listen to their argument a little bit."

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