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Conservative author and activist Brigitte Gabriel sounded off about Chancellor Angela Merkel appearing to change her tune regarding Muslim refugees in Germany.

Merkel, who is about to run for a fourth term in Berlin, called for banning the Muslim burqa approximately a year after she heralded a policy welcoming thousands of refugees into the country.

"The whole multicultural thing doesn't work," Gabriel said, "The Muslims that are immigrating are not assimilating."

Gabriel called the burqa itself "basically a... sign of radicalism in the community-- the more you see burqas on the street, the more you realize the community is infected with terrorism and it's the beginning signs of radicalism."

Reacting to a previous guest from a Texas branch of CAIR, Gabriel said the politics of a burqa ban have nothing to do with the freedom of religion, saying that such a headscarf renders a woman "nonexistent."

This is "not what we have in the West," she said.

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