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In Monday's Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly responded to plans by the Obama administration to accept about 2,000 people who had illegally immigrated to Australia, but were deported by the government and sent to a remote area of the South Pacific.

Australia believes illegal immigrants will destabilize their country, and the nation's military is in charge of immigration, O'Reilly said.

But, in the United States, anti-illegal immigration advocates are seen as not being compassionate to refugees.

"Liberal zealotry sees America as a nation driven by white privilege and wants to flood the USA with new citizens," he noted, and laid out what a fair policy might be for the incoming Trump administration to consider.

O'Reilly wondered why there is no condemnation of Australia's tough policies on illegal immigration and asylum-seekers, noting that both liberals and conservatives there support the policies with "little moral debate."

He explained that if a city in Australia declared itself a "sanctuary" for those in the country illegally, it would have "big trouble" with the military, which enforces the law.

O'Reilly said immigrants already here should register with federal authorities at local post offices, rather than face mass deportation.

He called for a one-year moratorium on illegal immigration and proffered that states that facilitate or accept sanctuary city policy within their borders face denial of federal transportation funds.

Watch Bill's entire memo above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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