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Actor Larry Thomas, best known for his portrayal of real-life soup connoisseur Al Yeganeh, in the 1995 'Seinfeld' episode 'The Soup Nazi', stopped by Fox & Friends to discuss what he is doing to help the homeless this holiday, and to make some soup.

In the episode, Thomas' character famously befriends Kramer, intentionally overcharges George and is all but ruined when Elaine-- feeling vindictive after being kicked out of his soup stand-- finds his cherished recipes in an armoire.

Thomas said he teamed up with Yeganeh's company, "The Original Soup Man", to provide hundreds of boxes of his soup to a soup kitchens across the United States.

One New York City kitchen, which feeds 900 homeless people per day recently received 900 boxes of soup from the company, he noted.

After many years at his original soup stand on W. 55 Street in New York, 'The Original Soup Man' has branched out to select grocery stores and also sells soup online, Thomas said.

Thomas told them how writer Spike Feresten, who used to work for David Letterman-- around the corner from the soup stand-- made an off-hand remark during a 'Seinfeld' meeting, wishing "the Soup Nazi was here".

Co-creator Larry David interrupted Feresten and asked that he tell him more about the restaurateur, and one of the program's classic storylines was born, Thomas said.

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