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President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday night after a second American company announced it would be firing hundreds of workers and moving its operations to Monterrey, Mexico.

Rexnord Corporation, a portmanteau of Rex Chain Belt Incorporated and Nordberg Manufacturing, announced it would be cutting 300 jobs in its Indianapolis factory, just days after Trump secured a deal with the Carrier corporation to keep more than 1,000 Americans employed in another Indiana factory.

Trump called Rexnord's announcement "vicious" and later sounded off in a series of tweets warning companies that future outsourcing will be an "expensive mistake", and that they can expect a tariff to be imposed in order to sell their goods back into the United States.

Kyle Beaman, a ten-year employee of Rexnord told Pete Hegseth that his employer's announcement made him "sick to [his] stomach]," especially since the company's severance agreement states Beaman must train his replacement to receive his package.

"Honestly it boils down to corporate greed," he said, "The wages down there in Monterrey would be $3 per hour... At my age [I'd] probably have to reinvent myself again [to find another job]," he said.

However, Beaman expressed confidence that Trump would come through for him and his coworkers, in the way that the president-elect's deal with Carrier preserved those workers' jobs.

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