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Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein was asked by Chris Wallace to explain why she's going forward with recount efforts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Wallace pointed out that the largest shift of votes in a recount in the U.S. was a 1,200-vote swing. He said these recounts would have to swing at least 10,000 votes from President-elect Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton in Michigan and more in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to change the outcome.

Stein countered that significant voting irregularities have been found in the past, but not in time to perform recounts. She argued that in Michigan, there were 75,000 "blank" votes in Detroit that could be evidence of human or machine error.

Wallace then pressed Stein on the more than $6.5 million she has raised for the recount efforts from 140,000 donors in the past few weeks.

"The fact that you have 140,000 donors is purely coincidental?" he asked.

Stein said the money is going to a "segregated account" that can only be spent on the recounts and that the American people "have made it very clear what they want done here."

Wallace questioned that assertion, arguing the "vast majority of the American people think we should accept the result of the election."

Earlier on Fox News Sunday, Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway noted Stein's recount effort has thus far resulted in the change of only a single vote: "I'd say to her, 'give it up'," Conway said.

Watch the interviews with Stein and Conway above and below.

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