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Alec Baldwin and President-elect Donald Trump went back and forth on Twitter over the "SNL" actor's latest impersonation.

This week, Baldwin-as-Trump repeatedly interrupted his national security briefing by announcing each time he re-tweeted a random citizen, 

'Aides' played by Kenan Thompson and Alex Moffat were seen attempting to focus the 'president-elect' on foreign intelligence, while Kate McKinnon's 'Kellyanne Conway' sat beside 'Trump', visibly and verbally exasperated at each interruption.

A short time after the skit ended, the real Trump slammed Baldwin's act as "unwatchable":

Baldwin later responded on his foundation's Twitter feed, demanding his fellow New Yorker release his tax returns if he wanted to see the actor take off his blond wig and makeup for good.

Baldwin. apparently used real re-tweets Trump made while on the campaign trail.

The New York Daily News reported that one of the voters Trump (and Baldwin) had retweeted recognized his message during the show and agreed with the president-elect that Baldwin's skit was indeed "unfunny".

Trump has not yet responded to Baldwin's offer.

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