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The family of an 18-year-old Texas girl who killed herself after being bullied on social media is demanding legislative action to help others who are subjected to online taunts.

Raul Vela told KHOU that he wants justice for his daughter Brandy, a high-school senior whose picture was floated around social media sites, with derogatory comments posted about her.

"They set up an account saying she was actually soliciting sex," Mr. Vela said.

He said he received numerous phone calls from his daughter on nights that her phone would be ringing off the hook with harassing messages.

Last week, Brandy sent messages to her family saying she was going to kill herself.

They rushed home, only to arrive in time for her to commit the act in their presence.

According to KHOU, Texas considers harassment and bullying via "online communications" to be a misdemeanor, but Mr. Vela is pushing for the penalties to be strengthened, and a new bill in the state legislature is aiming to help do so.

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