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Saturday on Cashin' In, Eric Bolling reacted to Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign communications director Jen Palmieri accusing Donald Trump's campaign of providing a platform for white supremacists.

Palmieri made the remark to Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway at a post-election forum this week.

Bolling said Trump won, not because of sexism, racism or white supremacy, but because Clinton had no real message other than "it's my turn, and [Trump] is terrible."

Clinton crossed the line, Bolling said, when she called "half" of Trump's supporters "deplorable", which he said resonated with voters in rust belt states and others in America who felt they no longer had a voice in Washington.

He noted how Trump won 200 counties in which Obama previously claimed victory.

"Don't blame racism, don't blame [FBI Director] James Comey, blame yourself," Bolling said.

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