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Some colleges are taking "safe spaces" to the next level, following President-elect Donald Trump's election, Fox & Friends reported.

Hundreds of students and faculty at Emory University in Georgia have signed and circulated a petition calling for the administration to designate the campus a "sanctuary" for illegal immigrant students, to work with law enforcement to minimize contact with the Immigration & Customs Enforcement, and to fund legal aid for undocumented students.

Georgia State Representative Earl Ehrhart objected to the news, and formulated legislation making its way through the Atlanta legislature to strip state funding from schools that follow through with such action.

"If you don't follow the law or advocate breaking the law, then state funds and federal funds are not going to follow you," Ehrhart said.

He criticized the students taking part in the action, calling them "pampered children [who require] participation trophies" and said their actions do not align with activity in the real world.

Ehrhart said he is very confident his bill will make it to Gov. Nathan Deal's (R-Ga.) desk.

He added that, even though he too has faced hardships, he does not need a "safe space" and believes Georgians do not like funding "petulant temper tantrums from overindulged kids".

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