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A little Texas hunter's priceless reaction to shooting her first deer has been watched by millions. 

The video (above) showing seven-year-old Lilly Klapper taking the memorable shot was posted on Facebook Monday by her father, Cory.

It shows Lilly focusing intently on her target before eventually pulling the trigger and being stunned by the result, as Cory excitedly tells her that she hit the target. 

In his post, Klapper acknowledged that the video "may not be for everyone" and encouraged those who might be offended to "keep scrolling."

"I respect and understand that this video may not be for everyone, if you think that you might be offended by this video that has my daughter shooting a deer with a modern hunting rifle please keep scrolling," Klapper posted. 

The clip has more than 2.4 million views on Facebook and was picked up by the local FOX affiliate.

Klapper told the station (watch below) that his daughter learned to shoot at age five and encouraged other parents to simply enjoy the outdoors with their children. 

The clip reminds us of a cute video from last year showing a thrilled dad watching his young daughter reel in a huge bass with her Barbie fishing pole. 

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