President-elect Donald Trump was asked by Ainsley Earhardt about the White House downplaying the agreement with Carrier to keep 1,100 jobs in Indiana rather than move them to Mexico.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest argued Thursday that President Barack Obama has set the bar so high on job creation that Trump would need 804 more deals like that. 

Trump declined to go after the White House when asked about the comments in Cincinnati, saying "it's politics, it's OK."

Earnest welcomed the Carrier agreement as "good news" but noted that the Obama administration created - not protected or saved - 805,000 jobs.

"I know that the president-elect has indicated that he deserves credit ... for that announcement, and I guess what I would observe is that if he is successful in doing that 804 more times, then he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs that were created in the United States while President Obama was in office," said Earnest.

Trump said overall, Obama has been "very, very nice" since the election.

"Well, look, that's what they will say. It's politics. It's okay. He's been very gracious, very nice. We've had a couple of great calls and meetings, and I very much respect his attitude. He's been very, very nice." he said.

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