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On "Hannity" tonight, Michelle Malkin ripped the mainstream media for its "agenda-driven" coverage of the 2016 election.

She said that she's enjoying the media "meltdown" after President-elect Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton.

Malkin pointed to the heated clash between President-elect Donald Trump's senior advisor Kellyanne Conway and former Hillary Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri at a Harvard University post-election forum on Thursday.

"These people are still in denial, and denial ain't just a river in Egypt," Malkin said.

She argued that the Clinton team, the mainstream media and the "consultant class" are all completely out of touch with the American people, and that's why they didn't see Trump's victory coming.

"I have been in the news and opinion business for 25 years now. And I've never seen as big an unhinged movement as we're seeing with these people who have doubled down on their losing, condescending ways when it comes to how they treat [the] American people."

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