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Hundreds of students and faculty members at Emory University in Georgia have sent a petition to the college's administration asking the campus to become a "sanctuary campus" following the results of the presidential election.

A sanctuary campus is a college or university that adopts policies to protect undocumented immigrants. The petition demands that the university work with police to minimize ICE enforcement on campus, offer legal advice for undocumented students and add courses engaging the "undocumented experience."

Friday on Fox & Friends, Georgia State Rep. Earl Ehrhart joined hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Pete ​Hegseth to discuss the issue, calling the concept of sanctuary campuses "absurd."

"Lawbreaking 101 is a new course I guess at some of these schools. ... In Georgia, we already have a law against sanctuary cities, and I guess we need a law against sanctuary campuses," Ehrhart said.

"It's a simple equation: If you don't follow the law, the state funds are not going to follow you."

Georgia state lawmakers are exploring legislation on how to discipline so-called sanctuary campuses.

Ehrhart said he supports the Georgia legislature passing a law to prevent tax dollars from going to "these whining, crying students who can't accept the reality of the laws in this country."

Emory University, a private research university in Atlanta, said in an open letter that it "accepts undocumented students for admission and financial aid under President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program. We will continue to welcome and support DACA students as members of our university community."

The school said in a statement to the Fox 5 affiliate in Atlanta:

"Emory follows all federal laws and policies and will continue to do so. As a private institution, Emory is using private, non-governmental resources to offer need- and merit-based university scholarship support to highly qualified undocumented students who meet Emory’s academic requirements and who are registered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program by the federal government."

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