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President-elect Donald Trump's senior advisor Kellyanne Conway got into a heated battle with Clinton campaign aides yesterday at a Harvard University post-election forum. 

"I would rather lose than win the way you guys did," Jennifer Palmieri, former Clinton communications director, told Conway, accusing the Trump campaign of providing a platform for white supremacists.

"No you wouldn't. That's very clear to me, respectfully," Conway responded, explaining that Clinton lost because she failed to connect with working-class voters and did not have a compelling economic message. 

The two sides also battled it out over the popular vote, which was won by Clinton. 

Conway joined "Fox & Friends" Friday morning to discuss what went down at the event, which is held after each presidential election.

Conway said the clash likely occurred because the Clinton aides believe Trump ran a racist campaign. She said it is time for these Democrats to do what President Barack Obama and Clinton herself have done, which is to "respect the election results" and "not talk about a rigged system or the popular vote."

"We won fairly and squarely by Mr. Trump getting 306 electoral votes; you need 270, we got 306, and that road ran through some pretty blue states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin," Conway said. "I understand that they're angry. I understand that some of them are bitter. But they made it very personal last night."

Watch Conway's remarks above and hear the full forum below.

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