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In his monologue on "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld had some strong words for the New York Times and a new piece that asks the question: "Can television be fair to Muslims?"

Gutfeld explained the article criticizes the fact that Muslim characters on television shows are often portrayed as terrorists.

He argued that terror-related shows predominantly feature Muslim characters because "terror-related realities" predominantly feature Muslim characters.

"Eliminate that link, and you eliminate truth," Gutfeld said.

He noted that Joshua Safran, who runs the show "Quantico," told the Times that he has made it his mission to never feature a Muslim terrorist in the series.

"How brave! He thinks he's fighting stereotypes, but he's simply obscuring truth," Gutfeld said. "How does that help real Muslims? Wouldn't it make more sense to tackle reality than remake it as fantasy?"

He said this mentality reinforces a "dangerous victimhood" that links grievance to retribution, as it appears to for the Ohio State University attacker.

"Before he was killed, the OSU terrorist was taking a class that asked him to list microaggressions and which identity groups are victims," Gutfeld said. "Now there's a plot point you will not see in Hollywood."

Kimberly Guilfoyle agreed with Gutfeld's points, saying that this type of thinking is "literally corrupting people's minds."

"You can just go to school ... and listen to this nonsense, and let the college that we're paying for with our tax dollars radicalize these guys," Guilfoyle said.

"Do you see how crazy this is?"

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