New details have been revealed in the alleged kidnapping case of a 34-year-old California mom, who was found badly beaten on Thanksgiving Day after being reported missing on Nov. 2

Fox News correspondent Trace Gallagher reported Wednesday on American's News HQ that Sherri Papini was found with a message branded into her skin. Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko confirmed to "Good Morning America" that Papini had in fact been branded.

Papini claims she was thrown from a dark SUV by her captors, who she claimed were two Hispanic women with a gun. She was found chained and bruised 150 miles from where she was last seen, officials said.

Papini's husband, Keith, described his wife's injuries in detail.

"Her now emaciated body of 87 pounds was covered in multicolored bruises, severe burns, red rashes and chain markings," Keith Papini said in a statement. "Her signature long blonde hair had been chopped off. She has been branded, and I could feel the rise of her scabs under my fingers."

Police thus far have been unable to determine a motive for the alleged kidnapping.Watch Gallagher's report above for more details.

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