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The Ohio State University attack reinforces the need for the U.S. must be much tougher on who's allowed into the country, according to Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.).

On "America's Newsroom" today, Peters said that the attacker, Somali-born student Abdul Razak Ali Artan, was clearly a lone wolf Islamic terrorist.

He argued that Artan's actions show that some cultures simply have values that are incompatible with the American way of life.

"If the culture just doesn't match up, if there's no sign that the would-be immigrant wants to really integrate and become an American, then - whether he is an Orthodox Christian, a Muslim, a Bahá'í or whatever - he or she should not be allowed in this country," Peters said. "We have a right to choose."

He noted that the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists, so it's important to focus on the pockets of Islam that actually are radical and anti-American.

"I'm hoping that the new administration will, in a decent and law-abiding way, get control of our immigration system, because it is a huge problem," Peters said.

As for Artan, Peters said there's no question that he was a terrorist, and he appears to have self-radicalized while in the U.S.

"If it looks like a terrorist and smells like a terrorist, it's a terrorist," Peters said. "They don't carry ISIS union cards."

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