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Many cities have joined in the "Blue Line" pro-police movement, painting blue center lines on prominent streets to honor police and other first responders.

The trend has particularly caught on in New Jersey, with many communities painting the line to show their support for law enforcement.

One of the townships that has embraced the blue line is Mahwah, N.J.

Ainsley Earhardt was joined on "Fox & Friends" by Mahwah Mayor Bill Laforet, resident Susan Larson and ten officers who represent the Mahwah Police Department.

Larson explained that she was sitting in traffic in the nearby township of Wyckoff, N.J. She noticed they were painting a blue line in the road, and she wondered why they didn't have the same in Mahwah.

"We have a great police department, and we wanted to recognize them and thank them for all their efforts, so I sent a call to Mayor Laforet, and the blue line was there," Larson said.

Laforet said the line means a lot to the community, particularly in light of several ambush-style attacks on police officers in the last year.

He said the line is a daily reminder to motorists about what the men and women of law enforcement do for their community.

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