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Two women have been captured on camera at multiple Arizona gyms stealing people's cell phones.

Even worse? Surveillance video shows them using a baby as part of the distraction while they rip people off.

Nathan Zigler, owner of Copperhead CrossFit, said that the two women came to his gym last week and asked for information about the classes.

Once they were inside the gym, video shows one of the women sit down next to a man while she holds the baby.

She quickly grabs his unattended cell phone, tucks it between her and the child, and walks off.

"I couldn't believe that someone had the gall to sit there with someone, not even a foot from her, as she takes the phone, holding a baby," Zigler said.

Several other CrossFit gyms in the area said they also have video of the women pulling the same scam.

Both suspects are described as black women, mid-20s to 30s and average heights.

Anyone with information about the incidents is urged to call Phoenix police.

Watch the "Fox & Friends" report above.

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