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We can't stop watching this clip showing an outnumbered and desperate giraffe turning the tables on a pride of lions. 

The jaw-dropping moment aired over the weekend on BBC's "Planet Earth II," a nature docu-series narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

The episode focused on deserts, including in the southwestern African nation of Namibia. The Daily Mail explained that a pride of lionesses were on a three-day hunt, desperate for a meal in the NamibRand desert when they spotted a giraffe near a dry riverbed. 

It didn't look good for the giraffe, as it ran straight toward a lion waiting to strike. 

The lion jumped at the much-larger animal's neck, but instead the giraffe plowed right over its attacker and stomped on the lion a few times before making an unlikely escape. 

The amazing video has gone viral on social media and thrilled viewers who watched the U.K. program. 

The show has reportedly been a ratings hit a decade after the debut season. 

Watch the giraffe vs. lion clip above and a longer version, here.

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