Four years ago, Charles Larry Tinson - who had just returned from a deployment to Afghanistan - ran into a local south Georgia grocery to get some cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving dinner.

During that errand, he noticed a woman he knew but had not seen in 20 years. Well, the two reconnected and started dating soon after and on Thanksgiving this year, they got married in that same grocery store.

More than 70 guests showed up last Thursday to Harvey's Supermarket in Albany to watch Charles and Mary exchange vows. Mary walked down a red-carpeted store aisle, the wedding cake featured cranberries and guests received a can of cranberry sauce as a favor. 

"She asked me where are we going to get married and I said at Harvey's where I met you," he said.

Ken Wicker, Harvey's V.P. of Operations said the company was "extremely excited" and that it was the first wedding in one of their supermarkets.  

Watch the report from WALB-TV above.

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