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Workers for the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU, are striking today at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport.

Fox Business Network correspondent Jeff Flock was attempting to interview a woman who said she had been working for the airport for 16 years and gets paid $11 per hour for a seven-hour work day.

However, a union boss told her not to speak to Flock on-air, and Flock followed the man, who would not turn around, and questioned him.

Flock said, without the interruption, the woman's story would be a compelling case to the benefit of the SEIU's stated mission, but that the union normally pre-approves workers that talk to the press.

"Whatever side you're on, that woman has a compelling story to tell [as to why] a union should exist," Flock told Neil Cavuto.

He said such a rule "stifles people's ability to talk."

Workers, including baggage handlers and janitorial personnel, are striking to demand $15 per hour "living" wages among other new benefits.

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