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Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters joined Trish Regan on Tuesday to discuss the attack by a Somali-born refugee on the Ohio State University campus.

Peters said it was a "no brainer" that the attack was an example of terrorism.

He said he was tired of hearing critics contemplate whether an attacker was a terrorist "[because] they didn't have an al Qaeda or ISIS union card on his body."

Regan said the problem surrounding discourse on terrorism and other issues has been due to Americans identifying themselves in "small groups" instead of as "Americans":

"We're the melting pot, we're not the salad bowl," she said.

Peters said that "not all Muslims were terrorists but virtually all terrorists are Muslim".

He said there were many ethnic groups from the Middle East that have assimilated well into American society, including Iranian-Americans, but added that any ethnic group whose culture is "so alien to our[s] and refuses to integrate, that group has no place here."

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