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Tucker Carlson debated the merits of burning the American flag with Marc Perkel of after President-elect Donald Trump tweeted that there should be harsh punishments for those that participate in such action.

Perkel said that in a situation where the government has "gotten so far-right", the only way to protest is to burn the American flag because the offensiveness of such an action will compete with "what's happening in America [being] that offensive".

There's no Constitutional requirement to be a decent person, Perkel said, adding that the spectacle of burning the American flag is a way to "assert dominance over government".

Carlson asked why Perkel would want to offend those affected by 9/11 or those families involved in war, like those who raised the flag over Iwo Jima.

Perkel responded that those who died in the Iwo Jima campaign during World War II "didn't die for the flag, they died for our freedom."

But, Perkel added that at this time, Americans should not burn the flag because Trump's statements may mean the New York businessman wants us to do so to create division.

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