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President-elect Donald Trump says that he will "terminate" President Obama's U.S.-Cuba deal if Havana is unwilling to negotiate a better agreement.

"If Cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the Cuban people, the Cuban/American people and the U.S. as a whole, I will terminate deal," Trump said in a Twitter post.

Trump, during his successful presidential campaign, argued against Obama’s 2014 executive action that attempts to “normalize” relations between the U.S. and the communist country.

On "America's Newsroom," Pete Hegseth said that Trump is taking a "blunt approach" in U.S.-Cuba relations, and it will be appreciated by the American people.

He explained that Obama has approached Cuba with equivocation and apologies, never taking a hard-line strategy against the now-deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

"What you get with Donald Trump is: 'Fidel Castro is dead. The world is a better place because he's a dictator. And the deal that was cut - where we got no concessions, no  political freedoms on the island of Cuba - that could be out the window, because there's a new game in town.'"

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