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President-elect Donald Trump released a series of tweets Sunday afternoon in response to calls to abolish the electoral college in presidential elections.

Some critics of Trump, who has accumulated more electoral votes than Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, contend that if the election hinged on the popular vote, the former secretary of state would be the 45th president-elect.

Trump said he would still have won, based on the popular vote, because he would then only have campaigned in the states that matter in that scenario-- which include California, New York, Illinois, Texas and Florida, among others.

Trump is a New York native, and Clinton represented the Empire State in the Senate and was born in Illinois.

He also said that "deducting" illegal votes in the current election would likely result in a popular vote victory under the current results.

"I would have won even more easily and convincingly," Trump said.

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Trump Hits Hillary On Recount: You Called Not Accepting Tally 'Horrifying'

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