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University of Michigan Wolverines' coach Jim Harbaugh is known to get very passionate about the sport of football.

At this weekend's marquee Big-10 game against Ohio State, Harbaugh appeared to "lose his cool" --as one television announcer put it-- and threw his headset to the ground after a penalty call he did not like.

The referee declared defensive tackle Maurice Hurst 'offsides' in the game's third quarter with Harbaugh's team leading the Buckeyes 17-7.

Initially unseen on-air, Harbaugh, 52, tossed his play-card in the air in disgust, and the sheet apparently landed a number of feet inside the field of play.

Then, the former San Francisco 49ers coach tore off his headset as he verbally objected to the call, appearing to break an earpiece.

Another flag was thrown, this time for unsportsmanlike conduct against the Michigan bench-- ostensibly for Harbaugh's reaction to the initial offsides penalty-- audibly thrilling the Columbus crowd.

Ohio State eventually won the game, improving to an 11-1 record as Michigan fell to 10-2.

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