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One community in central Pennsylvania literally took to the streets to show their support for police officers and first responders.

Conoy Township painted a blue line down the middle of a main street in the township, the Associated Press reported.

The line has been painted between the 'double yellows' of Second Street in the village of Bainbridge, according to the Lancaster newspaper LNP.

Lieutenant Stephen Englert of the Susquehanna Regional Police said his department was appreciative of the township's gesture.

However, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation contends that the line may be in violation of federal guidelines.

PennDOT spokesman Greg Penny said the line could confuse or distract motorists, but called the idea "well-intentioned".

Penny was not sure whether the department would take any action in the matter.

Township supervisors' chairman Stephen Mohr said the marking will stay for the time being:

“If that little blue line distracts somebody, they were going to be distracted and weren’t too attentive anyway,” he told LNP.

Conoy Township is about 15 miles northeast of York.

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