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Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro died late Friday at the age of 90, according to an announcement by his brother, Raul, on state-run media.

By Saturday morning, word had spread to the United States, where expatriates and others gathered in Miami's Little Havana and cheered Castro's death by cheering and waving Cuban flags, American flags, and "Trump/Pence" signs, Fox & Friends reported.

However, prior to his death, Castro was the subject of an estimated 600 assassination attempts by the US' Central Intelligence Agency.

In addition to using sniper rifles and explosives, the CIA used exploding cigars, explosive baseballs, and firearms disguised as cameras, Garrett Tenney reported.

Some of the more complex attempts on Castro's life included a 1963 plan in which a poison pill was to be slipped into Castro's favorite type of milkshake at the Hilton Hotel in Havana, which was foiled when the pill froze in the hotel freezer.

The CIA also placed a giant conch shell filled with explosives in Castro's favorite diving spot, and prepared a poison-tainted wetsuit which the dictator never received.

Castro once said that if assassination attempts were an Olympic event, "I would win the gold medal."

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