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After news of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's death broke in the United States, dozens of Cuban-Americans and others in Miami's 'Little Havana' neighborhood took to the streets in celebration, Phil Keating reported.

Eighth Street or "Calle Ocho" is the heart of the Cuban exile community, and revelers were seen there waving both American and Cuban flags, and even some of Donald Trump's campaign signage.

Keating said some of those assembled found hope in the president-elect's message for the Cuban people and Cuban-Americans-- which included references to rolling back President Obama's openness with Cuba.

Demonstrator Frank Machado told Keating that Castro's death is a "momentous occasion."

"It's a historic occasion for Cuban-Americans and Cubans in Cuba for a dictator to fall and die. We wanted him to go," he said.

But, Machado warned that Castro's brother Raul who currently rules the island nation is simply an "extension" of Fidel.

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