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The major U.S. stock indexes have been on a tear, hitting new record highs based on optimism that President-elect Donald Trump's proposed policies would stimulate economic growth.

Meantime, the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers said its consumer sentiment index rose to a final reading of 93.8 for November, up from October's final reading of 87.2.

On "Outnumbered" today, Kennedy said all the numbers show that Americans are confident in the economy across the board, and it's not just Republicans or Trump supporters.

"It's nice to see, because it feels like for so many years - since 2008 - we've been reporting very glum news this time of year," Kennedy said.

Dagen McDowell pointed out that the market rally is based on the hope that Trump is able to enact tax reform on both individuals and corporations.

"The tax cuts and the rollback in regulations, they flow right to a business' bottom line," she explained. "It's a change in what we've seen over the last eight years."

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