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A slippery Philadelphia bull enjoyed a brief taste of freedom after bolting from a slaughterhouse and ending up on two freeways before being corralled and killed, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The bull was one of a truckload delivered to a halal plant in the Fishtown neighborhood, but unlike his peers was able to briefly escape certain death.

The bovine was spotted running through Kensington before galloping up an exit ramp onto the elevated Interstate 95.

Pennsylvania Game Commission officials were called in on behalf of the Philadelphia Police Department, after the bull made his way onto the Vine Expressway and back onto surface streets north of OId City.

PGC Officer Jerry Czech fired at least two shots from a 12-gauge shotgun after the bull was cornered in some bushes near Eighth and Vine Streets.

Czech said he doesn't often shoot to kill animals, but did so citing the fact the bull was headed to the slaughterhouse and could also pose a further danger on the streets.

"We are wildlife officers," he told BillyPenn.com, "I shoot deer once in awhile, but this is a much bigger deal."

A commission spokeswoman echoed the concern for the public's safety.

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