The Department of Homeland Security said this week that tens of thousands of green cards have simply vanished, Tucker Carlson reported.

An inspector general's report said that in addition, duplicate green cards as well as cards with incorrect information have been sent out, he said.

"The [Immigration and Naturalization Service] tried to downplay this," Carlson said.

Fox News' roaming correspondent Geraldo Rivera called the revelation a "significant bureaucratic screw-up," but added that some of the fears voiced in response to the news may be unfounded.

"They have no evidence... that any of these [cards-in-error] have gone to anyone ineligible to receive them."

Rivera noted "obvious problems" with the US immigration system, but said that in addition to this "immigration authority incompetence" that there are much larger issues overall.

Foreign persons overstaying their visa limits are a much greater threat to America, Rivera said.

He added that he was heartened to hear that President-elect Donald Trump left the proposed Mexican border wall out of a policy video he released yesterday.

Carlson countered that the omission may be reflective of such a project being "a given" in the upcoming Trump administration.

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