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Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters discussed Obama's final proposed actions in office, with Eric Bolling.

Obama reportedly plans to strengthen parts of the Iran nuclear agreement as one of those actions.

"President Obama, speaking without hyperbole, has been the most disastrous foreign policy president of my lifetime and of your lifetime," Peters said.

"He's so desperate, so fervently crazed, to preserve this inept nuke deal with Iran that he's not thinking it through."

Peters said Obama is trying to "box-in" president-elect Donald Trump so that the only recourse to undo the Iranian agreement is via military action.

"He's allowing US corporations to do deals that involve the Revolutionary Guard."

"He's lifted sanctions-- with Obama taking away the peaceful tools we have to influence Iran... he's making it inevitable... that we will wind up shooting at Iranians."

Peters also discussed his apprehension of Trump's apparent warmth toward Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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