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President-elect Donald Trump continued to fill out his administration Friday, announcing he will nominate Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general, Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo as director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as national security adviser.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka appeared on "Fox & Friends Weekend" this morning to share insight on what these picks tell us about the direction of our country, particularly when it comes to national security.

Gorka said that anyone who voted for Trump because they have concerns about terrorism, border security and radical Islam can "rest easy."

"The grownups are in charge," Gorka said. "The adults are back in the White House in the cabinet."

He explained that Flynn is an extremely experienced general and a true "soldier's soldier," Sessions is a leading proponent of tough immigration enforcement policies, and Pompeo has an amazing resume, graduating first in his class at West Point, editing the Harvard Law Review and serving on the House Intelligence Committee.

"This is an amazing start for America," Gorka said.

Get more insight from Gorka in the clip above.

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