Something needs to be done about blatantly false news stories that circulate widely on Facebook and other social media platforms, Howard Kurtz said today on "Happening Now."

The problem of fake news stories has been a topic of conversation in recent weeks and President Obama brought it up during a news conference this week.

Obama said so many people are getting information in "soundbites and snippets" from social media on their cell phones. 

"If we can't discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems," he said. 

Kurtz said people overseas, including in Macedonia, are reportedly making money by creating websites where false U.S. political news stories are published and then spread widely on Facebook. 

Headlines can include things like Pope Francis endorsing Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton sending weapons to ISIS. 

"I think fake news is a cancer on the media business and unfortunately, it's very popular on social media," the "MediaBuzz" host explained. 

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dismissed arguments that the fake news stories had an effect on the election.

Kurtz said Facebook could do something to curb the clearly bogus headlines from spreading, but the question then becomes who will decide what is OK. 

He recalled that Facebook was accused earlier this year of leaving out stories from conservative websites in its Trending news feed.

Watch his full analysis above and see more on Sunday at 11am ET on "MediaBuzz."

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