The number was wrong, but the end result was just right... 

An Arizona teenager will eat Thanksgiving dinner with a family that he didn't know until he got a mistaken text from a woman trying to contact her grandson. 

Jamal Hinton, 17, received the text message from Wanda Dench, notifying him about what time the holiday festivities would begin. 

He responded that he was not her grandson, with some smiling emojis, and the two exchanged photos. But he jokingly asked if he could come over anyway. 

"We established we weren't related, but I said, 'Hey, why not ask for a plate since the offer is there?'" he said.

Dench, who said her father was in the Navy and would invite veterans for Thanksgiving dinner, said sure, why not?

"I got a random group chat text and I found a new grandma," Jamal joked. 

Local news cameras were there to record the two meeting and Jamal plans to show up for dinner next week.

He said he figured the then-stranger would just "blow him off" when he texted back, but the encounter showed him "there really are still nice people out in the world."

The high school senior said he'll also be having Thanksgiving dinner with his own grandma and family. 

Watch the feel-good report above. 

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