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A terrifying scene unfolded at an NCAA cross-country race, as a deer collided with one of the long-distance runners at full speed. 

The incident occurred Saturday near DeSales University in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, when about 10 deer darted across a field as the runners passed through during the 8k race.

"Watch out for the deer!" someone yelled out to the runners.

But one of the deer slammed into 21-year-old Justin DeLuzio, who is seen on the video crashing to the ground. 

The goods news is DeLuzio, a runner at Gwynedd Mercy University, is OK. 

A video shared on Vine has been viewed more than 10 million times in the past day. 

DeLuzio was helped to his feet by a teammate, who ran alongside him for the remaining four miles to make sure he was OK. 

He suffered soreness and some significant bruises when the deer hit him in the stomach. 

"Someone yelled, and I caught a glimpse of the deer, and I ... I just didn’t expect it. It just flipped me end over end," DeLuzio told FOX Sports.

"I sat there in disbelief, I wasn’t quite sure what had happened. Part of me was like, 'This is your last race! Get up!' while the other part was like, 'I just got hit by a deer! Take a breath and acknowledge what just happened!'"

Read more of the interview here.

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