President-elect Donald Trump went after the New York Times for its story that claimed his transition team is in a "state of disarray."

The report cast Trump's team as being unprepared for what would follow an election win and now "improvising the most basic traditions of assuming power."

"American allies were in the meantime scrambling to figure out how and when to contact Mr. Trump," the report stated. 

Trump fired back at the "failing" paper on Twitter this morning...

He also denied reports that he was trying to obtain high-level security clearances for his children, calling it a "typically false news story."

Katie Pavlich said on America's Newsroom today that the media overall is treating this transition differently and acting like "every other transition isn't somehow chaotic."

"It might be chaotic, but that's how it's supposed to be when you're trying to hire 4,000 people and get a bunch of top cabinet picks together," she said, adding that the reporting has been a "little bit unfair" in recent days. 

Pavlich noted that VP-elect Pence is purging lobbyists from the incoming administration, which is evidence that Trump wants to keep his campaign promise of not owing anything to special interests. 

Watch the full report above.