Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich spoke to reporters outside Trump Tower this morning, where the president-elect is meeting with the VP-elect on the transition and potential cabinet choices. 

Gingrich, who discussed on The Kelly File Monday his potential role in the new administration, said he wants to serve as a "planner" for President-elect Trump. 

He explained afterwards in an interview with Jenna Lee that he has "100 percent" decided that he does not want an official role in the administration. 

Gingrich said the prospective position would not give him "cabinet rank," but would allow him to advise Trump on planning out an agenda over the long-term and on how the government works.

"As Speaker of the House, and somebody who helped plan the 1994 Contract [with America] and somebody who worked with Ronald Reagan in the 80's, I think I can bring a unique ability to do that," he said.

Gingrich said he had a "very good meeting" with Mike Pence and the team is "getting their ducks in a row in a rapid way."

He predicted in the next few weeks the American people will see a "very effective transition" that brings together "a lot of very talented people." 

Gingrich described President-elect Trump as a "hands-on" leader who is "deeply immersed" in the process. 

"He is gonna make the decisions. Nobody should be confused about this. He's the president-elect," said Gingrich.

Watch the interview from Happening Now above.

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