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Bernie Sanders is urging his supporters to "vigorously" oppose President-elect Donald Trump's "bigotry."

In a radio interview with the BBC, the Vermont senator called on more protesters to take to the streets if Trump tries to implement his most controversial campaign rhetoric.

“Our job is to oppose him vigorously through millions of people in many many different ways,” Sanders said. “I am very worried that a President Trump may take us back to where we were before, and we in the progressive community are not going to allow that to happen. We have traveled too far to descend back into racism and sexism.”

Sanders said he is currently working to find and support new leadership for the Democratic Party, which he believes has lost its way.

"Over the years the Democratic Party has become a party more concerned about raising money from wealthy individuals than they have been about bringing working people into the party and taking on the billionaire class, taking on Wall Street, taking on the drug companies or the insurance companies," Sanders said. "The Democratic Party has not been strong in standing up for the needs of working families. I think people are saying, ‘Well, the Democrats haven’t done it for us, let me try this guy Trump.'"

He said he's willing to work with Trump if the president-elect is serious about improving the economy for everyday Americans.

He added, however, "We are going to oppose him vigorously in terms of his bigotry."

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