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Rudy Giuliani was one of the most vocal Donald Trump supporters throughout the 2016 campaign, and now it appears that he will be a part of the president-elect's administration.

On "Hannity" tonight, Giuliani confirmed that he has had conversations with Trump about his role in the White House, but he wouldn't reveal what those conversations entailed or what specific roles he is being considered for.

Hannity pointed out that there are rumors that Giuliani would be named secretary of state, but the former New York City mayor insisted his conversations with Trump were private.

"I would be very honored to serve," Giuliani said. "There are always a lot of questions and a lot of issues and a lot of very good people. He's got a lot of really good people around him. I think he has handled himself really well since the day he got elected."

Giuliani said that no matter how Trump's cabinet choices shake out, he knows the president-elect is going to put together an "extraordinary administration."

Since the big rumor is that Giuliani has emerged as the leading contender for secretary of state, Hannity asked him about his foreign policy experience.

He said that since he left the office of mayor, he's been to approximately 80 countries on 150 different foreign trips.

"A lot of it for different reasons: Speeches, security consulting, where I helped bring down crime," Giuliani said. "Call the president of Colombia. He will tell you ... my group reduced crime in Cali by 42 percent."

"It's a great honor, both to serve my country and it was a great honor to serve Donald Trump and to get him elected."

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