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Students at St. John’s University in Queens, New York, are demanding that their classmates remove Donald Trump/Mike Pence flags displayed in their window, according to National Review.

A student claims that his classmates received a letter from some of the residents in their dorm.

"We, your fellow residents of Century Hall, request that you remove the flags in support of the president-elect from your window," the letter reads. "We believe their display constitutes harassment, and therefore violated the University's Code of Conduct."

The letter cites the university's official definition of harassment: "Any behavior (verbal, written, or physical) that abuses, assails, intimidates, demeans, victimizes, or has the effect of creating a hostile environment for any person."

“You may in fact be a proud racist, misogynist, homophobe, etc.," the letter continues. "However, in the days since his election, hundreds of hate crimes have been committed in the name of the president-elect ... We are writing this letter anonymously because we are afraid you yourself will engage in this behavior ... While we cannot ask you not to support the president-elect, as is your right, we are well within our rights to ask that you cease creating a hostile environment for your fellow students.”

The letter concludes with a demand that the flags be removed immediately, or the anonymous letter-writer will involve the administration.

National Review reported, citing a student source, that the residents of the room in question have decided to keep the flags up despite the letter.

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