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Javier Gonzales, the mayor of Santa Fe, New Mexico, joined Megyn Kelly tonight to discuss why he pledged that Santa Fe will remain a "sanctuary city" - even though President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to withhold federal funding from cities that shield illegal immigrants.

"This is a broken federal system," Gonzales said. "People are living in our communities peacefully, lawfully ... If we fix the federal immigration system, cities won't be having to take on this position to protect our communities."

Gonzales explained that study after study has shown no increase in crime in cities with large numbers of undocumented immigrants, including Santa Fe.

"People are coming out of the shadows," Gonzales said. "They're participating in our community. They're sharing information with law enforcement, because these families want to make sure that they're living in a safe environment."

He said that violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants were a common talking point during Trump's campaign, but now "it's time to govern."

"We have a Republican incoming president, a Republican Congress," Gonzales said. "They've talked over and over about fixing our immigration system. They need to do that first, so that we can begin to move forward as a country."

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