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The man behind President-elect Donald Trump's digital operation helped the campaign reach out to disenfranchised voters, and he's being credited as a significant factor in Trump's victory.

Brad Parscale, former digital director for the Trump campaign, spoke out on "The Kelly File" tonight in his first-ever television interview.

Parscale explained that the campaign's "data operation" ran everything from television ad buys to budget choices to where the campaign was on the ground, which he said was a first in American politics.

He explained that they built models based on live calls, web tracking, web surveys and other sources, which gave the campaign the ability to zero in on undecided voters and "persuadable targets."

He pointed to states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, which the campaign focused on after the data revealed that Trump had a better chance there than many polls showed.

"We started to see that move our direction," Parscale said. "And by the Friday before the election, I had predicted that we were going to win 305 electoral votes."

"The data doesn't lie, and that's the beauty about data."

Watch the "Kelly File" exclusive above.

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