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The election of Donald Trump has led to chaos on college campuses across the country, with canceled exams, "safe spaces" and student walkouts.

On the inaugural episode of "Tucker Carlson Tonight," the eponymous host took on a college professor over how universities and educators should react.

Carlson asked Jill Hopke, assistant professor of journalism at DePaul University, why she doesn't tell students who are upset about the election result to "toughen up."

Hopke said that many of her students were surprised by Trump's victory, and she wanted to give them time and space to process and discuss what happened.

She said that's particularly important on a diverse campus like DePaul's.

Carlson argued that the actual diversity problem on college campuses is that anyone who disagrees with the "liberal orthodoxy" is immediately shut down.

"Isn't it time for some sort of affirmative effort to bring people who disagree, from other walks of life, into your world?" he pressed.

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