O'Reilly: Violent Anti-Trump Protesters 'Want Our System Destroyed'

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In his Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly weighed in on the violent anti-Trump protests in Portland, Oregon and an attack on a Chicago man for apparently voting for Trump.

Americans took to the streets in several cities over the past three days but in Portland last night, the protests turned into a "disgraceful spectacle," he explained. 

Police arrested 29 people as the situation turned from a protest to a riot. O'Reilly said Portland is run by "permissive, progressive people," who have allowed the downtown area to become a "squatter's haven."

"It comes as no surprise that the City of Roses has become ground zero for anarchy," he said. 

He called for the violent protesters to be charged with rioting, a felony in the state that carries a prison term of up to five years. 

But he said that will not happen in Portland, where there will likely be no punishment for the anarchists, creating a "dangerous situation" due to anger on the far-left over Donald Trump's victory.

"In the space of four days, the progressive community has gone from having some power to nothing. President Trump is not gonna pander to the far-left and they know it," he said. 

O'Reilly said the attackers in Chicago - who were caught on tape yelling "don't vote Trump" as the man was beaten in the street - should be charged with a hate crime. 

He called on all states to pass laws to "classify political violence as a hate crime," which has been done in California, West Virginia, Iowa, Washington, D.C., Louisiana and South Carolina.

Watch the full Talking Points Memo above. 

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